What does the Future Hold? The BBC Knows!


Timeline of the Far Future, by iibStudio for BBC Future.

The Future

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A True Map of China According to Chinese Google, “Baidu”

Mapping China according to Chinese stereotype, as reported by Baidu – China’s most used search engine, highlights some really interesting points of view (Taiwan being “unwilling to return” seems both confrontational and resigned to the fact; Guangdong “eats monkeys” shows that local racism still abounds; Tibet “no results” is of course indicative of the political situation)

Foreign Policy has published the map, following on from The Atlantic’s one of America according to Google’s Autocomplete, for China – a country with 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, and countless deeply held and unhealthy schisms and regional stereotyping.

Of course, the results will change over time, and the above map reflect recent violent attacks and natural disasters.

Read more at Foreign Policy


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5 Myths You Believe About Chinese Luxury Shoppers

Western media continue to refer to out of date portrayals of luxury customers in China, and it’s leaving businesses susceptible to a raft of misconceptions.

Timothy Parent is a Shanghai resident of 9 years, and he debunks the myths for Business of Fashion. Click, or read on below.

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Menswear and The Jazz Age – ‘Elegance in Crisis’

The years of the Great Depression, which started just months before the 1930s began and lasted until the beginning of WWII a decade later, saw the most staggering disruption to the fabric of life. Soon after the New York stock market collapsed on 18 September 1929, the world of the Bright Young Things and the Jazz Babies, the Harlem Renaissance and A Moveable Feast, and the drinking dens of Mayfair, Montmartre and Broadway came crashing down. Despite this, truly modern men’s clothing was invented during that turbulent decade and was created, worn, and disseminated across the globe.

Mr Porter have a nice article about the impact of the Jazz Age on menswear, written G. Bruce Boyer.

See it on their site here or read below for the full piece.

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Trend Hunter 20 Trends for 2014

Read about them below!

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We Are Social’s Guide to Social, Digital and Mobile in China 2013

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Fashion Films – What’s the Point?


The problem with fashion films is fundamentally that they rarely say anything. They don’t apply the principals of social media. They are beautiful, well shot, have great names associated, but rarely have the edge needed to encourage sharing. The above film by Swell in NYC, for CR Fashion Book certainly is a more interesting look-book for both the models and the clothes, and indeed a good advert for post production capabilities… but there’s not enough edge, surprise, or dare I say, interest to make it really stand out. But then again, maybe – given the standard of fashion films – it does stand out enough. It’s certainly made me write about it, which is more than most.

Read more about it on Trendland.

Below is a better example of a fashion look-book, created for my new brand obsession, Acronym. I think they could have done even more to the concept, but the sleight of hand element, the attention to detail and the continuation of their principals (Acronymjutsu – the art of movement in and of their clothes ) are plain to see, and have piqued my interest as a consumer. Fundamental.


More on fashion films here.

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The Power of The Millennial Male to your Brand

The Power of the Millennial Male from Digiday on Vimeo.

How to lose audiences in seconds.

Rich Antoniello heads up Complex Media network, and talks about how brands so often get “branded content” wrong because they see it as part of a campaign, not an ongoing conversation. Given that the network has 90m monthly readers and 931m monthly page views, I think he’s worth listening to.

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Positive Retail Experience

Spread positive appreciation for a retail experience via QR codes at the bottom of a receipt (or via e-receipt). Codes offer discounts and more for second visit to store, but not for yourself – pass them to a friend as a present. Impromptu giving results in positive social reinforcement, and drives traffic to your store.

thanks Advertual for the inspiration.

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You Know Those Pair of Shoes That Dont Fit You…

You know those pair of shoes that don’t fit you… but you keep them anyway in the hope that one day you’ll either grow your foot size, or your toes will fall off? And yet you cant bear to throw them away because you love them, they were crazy expensive, one day just one day they might fit you (or your offspring)? Well, the term you need to use when explaining why you can’t throw them is “Sunk Cost”.

“Respondents in a survey were more likely to give away a pair of uncomfortable, yet fine and expensive shoes, if they had received the shoes as a gift. If they had purchased the shoes with their own money, however, they were more willing to put up with the discomfort (Frank 287).” (Living Economics)

“In economics and business decision-making, a sunk cost is a retrospective (past) cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. Sunk costs are sometimes contrasted with prospective costs, which are future costs that may be incurred or changed if an action is taken. Both retrospective and prospective costs may be either fixed (continuous for as long as the business is in operation and unaffected by output volume) or variable (dependent on volume) costs.” (Wikipedia)

Knowing this doesn’t it make it better… just makes you sound cleverer when explaining why you cant throw the buggers away.

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