Microsoft Lab’s Vision of the Future

Microsoft’s vision of technology in 2019. Despite the music and slightly hellish supermarket shopping experience it suggests, this video might inspire a few people in thinking about where we’re going as a society. Touchscreens, convenience, and laziness…!

A lot of the technologies are almost there already – often indeed from Microsoft Labs anyway – and many, like the interactive newspaper have been striven for (is that the word?) for a while. The vision includes the “transparent wall” between two classrooms around the world, realtime conversation translations, surface displays (when does Microsoft Surface release?), electronic boarding cards, transparent displays, mini projectors and the “future vision” staple(less) electronic newspaper.

Oh, and green rooftops – a vision that I’ve had myself for a long time (why dont we use this dead space more to plant greenery etc?)

Full 5 minute video is here, and the chat going on the MSN blog by Steve Clayton… and you should check out the other “Envisioning” series of videos.

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    They’ve done a similar thing with banks – equally interesting, especially the fact that they still envisage there being branches.

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