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So, you want to start a fashion label?

Business of Fashion have some fantastic “education” articles about creating your own fashion label. What to consider, how to create the business plan, how to get investment support, allocation of capital, product design and development, and of course retail and sales strategy. Creating a fashion label is more than just parties, clothes and hot girls. […]

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Want a suit?

thisfits converted Put This On’s Loosey-Goosey Brand Guide for Thrifting Suits into damned fine ebay searches. Super-Mega Excellent Suits on eBay Extremely Excellent Suits on eBay After clicking through the links, simply filter the results based on your preferences (Jacket Size, Jacket Length, Price, Style, etc.) and save the search or create an RSS feed. […]

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Dickhead Shoreditich Twat Nathan Barley 2010


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Putin on HipHop, Graffiti….

just made me laugh… [youtube:]

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Optical Illusion

couldn’t resist to post this here… just came across it on the derren brown blog whilst doing research, it’s driving me nuts, the picture as well as the research…

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Berlin Wall – 20 years on

20 years since the wall came down – nice photoessay from the Boston Globe – their photoblog “The Big Picture” is well worth subscribing to (we mentioned it before, twice)

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Branded QR Codes – Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton

I’ve always wondered why QR codes were so ugly in and of themselves. Sure they can deliver interesting in-depth marketing collateral to fans via their mobile phones, but they’re just so off brand in themselves given the way they look. Trust Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton to push that boundary. Whilst still in the early […]

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Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe

Charlie Brooker’s take on the news. The first episode is well worth a look, much in the style of his previous series ‘screenwipe’ (or at least some of the better episodes of that…) – taking an irreverent look at the daily doomsday peddling machine that is the news… (i hate myself for having written that […]

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Lo Lifes Documentary – Polo vs The Streets

[youtube:] Before Tommy Hilfiger, there was Ralph Lauren. With the 90s making a comeback in London – fashion, music, clubs, hair styles – it’s time to bring your old Polo Sport out the closet!

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More Music Branding

Wired magazine, and PSFK report: A e-mail from the Kluger Agency, which performs such product placements, mistakenly sent to Jeff Crouse of the Anti-Advertising Agency and Double Happiness Jeans, provides a rare glimpse into the secretive market for song lyric product placement. “I’m writing because we feel you may be a good company to participate […]

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