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Sarcastic Font

Mmm, what a great idea. *Sarcasm*. </sarcasm>. #Not! Since the dawn of the postmodern age, ironical writers have struggled to imbue the printed word with the nuances of sarcasm. Solutions involve signposting suffixes like “Joke!”, so as to spell out any intended irony to those readers too thick to work it out by themselves. (Joke!) […]

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EF – Live The Language – Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo. EF, the foreign language schools, have produced these charming films. After the Paris guide from a few days ago, it made sense to share them. Good for typology geeks too! Check out Barcelona, London, Beijing and more here.

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Futura 2000 Font Found!

Been looking for this for a long time. Based on graffiti legend Futura 2000, the McGurr font has been created with his permission. It’s not quite spot-on, to be fair (there’s no “flow” to the letters, and the F’s are the right way round, which is wrong – see below), but until someone can point […]

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Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

Bout time someone brought the ruckus to Lorem Ipsum. It’s time for Gangsta Lorem Ipsum My shizz ipsizzle dolizzle sit da bomb, consectetuer adipiscing own yo’. Nullizzle sapizzle mofo, pot volutpizzle, ass quizzle, owned vel, arcu. Pellentesque sure stuff. Sizzle erizzle. Pot izzle dolizzle nizzle turpis tempizzle shut the shizzle up. Break yo neck, yall […]

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Go Faster – Motor Racing Design in the 70s

It’s not about typography, it’s not about layouts… these cars were designed to look dangerous. A few months back Arkitip reported about the The Graphic Design of Racing Cars book. Buy the book here. Wonderful insight as to how most of the design had a singular purposeā€¦ You’d never guess it, but these big toys […]

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Need a Typeface?

Check Julian Hansen’s type face flow chart for choosing the right type face for your needs. If you’re an Italian restaurant, dont bother looking, just choose Bodoni.

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