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Topshop 2014-15

Or what I have done on this past year… Won some awards: Topshop x Instagram, London Fashion Week SS15. Topshop’s positioning is “democratisation of fashion”; all very well ten years ago, but digital and has truly overtaken – or allowed – that positioning to come to life. We partnered with Instagram and every hash-tagged image […]

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Google Maps – You’re a Wreck!!!

Google Maps still has the ability to surprise and reward those who are prepared to explore – above ground or underwater. That’s great web-design, content and conversation strategy. A literal “deep dive” for the seriously engaged. See what (and who!) you can find by clicking this link,-82.624532&spn=0.18,0.3&cbll=26.551294,-82.624532&layer=c&panoid=OfNKVnUILnUAAAGuvUsr7A&cbp=,91.29,,0,-0.0&output=classic

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Big Data Spots the Trends the Fashion World Doesn’t

Big data analysis in real time means that fashion buyers can get cutting-edge information immediately, and we can learn about technology and trend shifts. From  The Guardian: Data is the key to tracking any sort of trend. London-based Editd takes a big data approach to fashion trends. It collects and analyses retail sales numbers, catwalk photographs, and fashion buzz from […]

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TRACE – Nike+ for Action Sports?

  Wearable technology, as pioneered by Nike+, has almost become the norm. Google’s, Apple’s and Samsung’s recent forays into glasses and watches show a drive to integrate technology onto our person. Leap Motion and neuro technology may be the next level, but for now we can make do with projects like TRACE. Ok, so it’s not […]

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Google “Think” Quarterly Publication

  Think Quarterly is where Google invites key thinkers and authors to share examples of Brand activity in the digital space around key themes of Play, Creativity, Speed, People, Innovation, and I’m sure more to come. Worth a read.

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LinkedIn makes it all better, apparently.

Endorse me here!

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Digital, Mobile, Social Media in China

Digital, Mobile, and Social Media in China (April 2011) View more presentations from Simon Kemp

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Suwappu – AR toys from Dentsu

[youtube:] Dentsu and Berg have created these toys that interact with you and each other when you look at them through a filter (iphone, typically). Really interesting extension and cross over of the digital world into the real. I can see branded toys coming to life in their world, acting as a (real world) desk-top […]

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Embacher Collection

New to the T&H catalogue is Cyclepedia – A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs. A wonderful book of Michael Embacher’s incredible bicycle collection. his online archive is really great too. buy the book here.

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RFID in shoes to access exclusive content

RFID in shoes from Hampus Lemhag on Vimeo. WESC and Hyper Island have produced shoes fitted with RFID chips that can store opt-in information about the wearer, delivered through a web application at the time of purchase. Furthermore, the shoes can be used to trigger a number of interactions powered by associated social networks, just […]

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