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Zoo York Mixtape Vol 1

Zoo York Mixtape (FULL) from scottieb on Vimeo. A classic video that’s become a staple in New York City Skate and Hip Hop culture. The Zoo York Mixtape Volume 1 has reemerged in its entirety through Vimeo. Legends in the realms Hip Hop and Skateboarding – Harold Hunter, Jeff Pang, Vinny Ponte, DJ Roc Raider, […]

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Element – Claim It

Element – Claim it! from Morten Halvorsen on Vimeo.

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Original Jams by Converse – US6.5 anyone?

  Man, I wish I didnt have any toes. How cool are these shoes? Original Jams by Converse on ebay right now! Apparently TheScrapBook slept on the recent re-release of the Original Jams by Converse series back in Febuary this year, but you can check out those reissues at Hypebeast etc.

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Damien Hirst for Supreme

I’m not the biggest fan of Damien Hirst’s spin paintings, but seeing them on a skate deck adds a whole new level. They really come alive. Check out the video here. Cool. But what’s up with his Bono-esque sunglasses?

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Where the Wild Things Are

  Directed by Spike Jonze, starring Forest Whitaker and James Gandolfini, and co-written by Dave Eggers, the release of classic children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are” as a film could be perfectly timed to tap into the feelings of nostalgia, family, belonging and childhood that the recession seems to be demanding. I’m sure we’ll post […]

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Insane Downhill Skating – Giveashitability by Adam Kimmel

  Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo. Shot by Ari Marcopoulos, I’d seen this video a while ago, but only now realised that it was in fact a promo for Adam Kimmel’s clothing. Maybe I was too excited by the actual footage – two guys racing on an insanely fast downhill […]

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iSkate – iPhone Skate Games

[youtube:] Vans’ as yet unnamed skate game for iphone vs. [youtube:] TouchGrind a potentially more intuitive skate game for iPhone, but without big corporate backing Which one will win the popularity contest? Vans‘ Tony Hawks rip-off homage with Buck Lasek and Omar Hassan, or finger flipping with TouchGrind by IllusionLabs? TouchGrind is already out on the App […]

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Air – Kelly Watch The Stars

[youtube:] I didnt realise that Mike Mills directed this video way back when. Shame about the terrible “score” keeping that goes on. Should have dealt with that in post production. Via It’s Nice That – thanks for the memories!

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Skateboarding in Afghanistan

[youtube:] Three Australian skateboarders brought their boards to Kabul and started teaching the kids how to skate to interact with them and develop cross-cultural learning. If you want more information or to assist the project in any way contact them at or   Skateistan also has a video on the website here.

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Beautiful Losers Dunks

It’s been a long time since anyone put any sneakers up in TheScrapBook… which is not only telling, given all the fashion trends we’ve brought to you etc, but it’s a bit strange since it was one of the things that got us all together as mates (along with many other fine things, but kicks […]

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