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Hungry? In Shanghai? Read this!

Chinese, Russian and Ethiopian restaurants have been reviewed by me on another site that I write for, The Trainee Chef. More to come from this new venture! Read my review below of the best “Chinese” restaurants in Shanghai, or click the link

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Hungry? Read this! (Samarqand)

Chinese, Russian and Ethiopian restaurants have been reviewed by me on another site that I write for, The Trainee Chef. More to come from this new venture! Read them below, or click the link for Samarqand.

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Riots and Temperature Fluctuations

Living in China I’d believed that any stories about London’s rioting and any real concern I might have should be put down to the distance and lack of real insight that I can have when so far away. Friends in Palestine, or family in Pakistan must get tired of the frequent calls of concern from well-wishers […]

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Nike GRID Wins Grand Prize

Nike GRID has won Grand Prize and Best Use of Innovation in Outdoor at the Clear Channel Outdoor Planning Awards. Discussing the overall winner, Caroline Marshall, Chair of the judges and Executive Editor at Haymarket Brand Media, said “Nike GRID, a powerful collaboration between Mindshare, Kinetic, Wieden & Kennedy and AKQA, stood out as our […]

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Buses: The Beating Heart of London

London Buses. They never come, then they all come at once, right? Well, this map, made by my colleague Mark Bulling, has plotted all the bus routes across London. It’s a rather beautiful map as a consequence, that looks like arteries or veins around a heart. LONDON BUSES Powered by Tableau He pulled together over […]

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Parrish Watch

Tribute to Theo Parrish by Barry Fell Theo Parrish is coming back to Plastic People on April 2nd. If you know, you know. If you think you know, but dont really know – read this If you think you know, and dont think you want to know – read this If you really dont know, […]

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EF – Live The Language – Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo. EF, the foreign language schools, have produced these charming films. After the Paris guide from a few days ago, it made sense to share them. Good for typology geeks too! Check out Barcelona, London, Beijing and more here.

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Restaurants in New York are better than in London

Interesting article from the owner of Polpo in Soho about the differences and opportunities that exist between New York and London restaurants. He cites all the right things – from the council’s prohbitive and draconian approaches to licensing, to the corporate owners, to the lack of kitchens in appartments… and to my most referred to […]

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London’s Burning!!

Photos from the ever excellent Boston Globe Big Picture site from last week’s tuition fee protests.

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Muji Christmas

Muji always bring the design heat at Christmas. My favourites this year include the Solar System, the London/Paris/New York playing cards that form a map, and of course their city blocks (Edo is a lovely recent edition to the “street”). An honourable mention must also go to the penguin skittles. If anyone wants to buy […]

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