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The Constraint of Examples

(From Contagious’ Georgia Malden) Dr Anna Abraham (reader in psychology at Leeds Beckett University in the UK) discussed a bias that she called ‘the constraint of examples’. This is the notion that if you show people examples that are very salient to the problem at hand it imposes huge limitations on their ability to generate […]

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Youth Subcultures: What Are They Now?

Seapunks, Psychobillies, Haul Girls, Chav Hipster, Bronies, Normcore, and more. Today’s youth movements are a little more blurred, surprising, fast-changing, knowing and irony-fuelled than they were yesterday. Alexis Petridis at The Guardian has a go at trying to label the unlabellable. Read below, or click here.

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Generation whY. As in: Why Can’t I Have It All, Now?

From The Guardian’s Pass Notes series: In a nutshell, baby boomers are wealthy and selfish. Generation Xers are disappointed and cynical. And millennials – that’s you – are whiny and entitled. You want the latest phone and you want the best job, even if you haven’t earned it. You think you’re special, even though it’s painfully obvious to […]

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Physical Retail Matters More Than E-Commerce, in a Digital World

Business of Fashion published an Op Ed by Ari Bloom of A2B Ventures on the importance of physical retail vs e-commerce, despite us being in a digital age. …While Emarketer predicts that e-commerce in the apparel and accessories market will grow at an astounding 17.2 percent annually between now and 2017, one would be hard-pressed to find […]

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What does the Future Hold? The BBC Knows!

  Timeline of the Far Future, by iibStudio for BBC Future.

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A True Map of China According to Chinese Google, “Baidu”

Mapping China according to Chinese stereotype, as reported by Baidu – China’s most used search engine, highlights some really interesting points of view (Taiwan being “unwilling to return” seems both confrontational and resigned to the fact; Guangdong “eats monkeys” shows that local racism still abounds; Tibet “no results” is of course indicative of the political […]

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5 Myths You Believe About Chinese Luxury Shoppers

Western media continue to refer to out of date portrayals of luxury customers in China, and it’s leaving businesses susceptible to a raft of misconceptions. Timothy Parent is a Shanghai resident of 9 years, and he debunks the myths for Business of Fashion. Click, or read on below.

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Positive Retail Experience

Spread positive appreciation for a retail experience via QR codes at the bottom of a receipt (or via e-receipt). Codes offer discounts and more for second visit to store, but not for yourself – pass them to a friend as a present. Impromptu giving results in positive social reinforcement, and drives traffic to your store. […]

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You Know Those Pair of Shoes That Dont Fit You…

You know those pair of shoes that don’t fit you… but you keep them anyway in the hope that one day you’ll either grow your foot size, or your toes will fall off? And yet you cant bear to throw them away because you love them, they were crazy expensive, one day just one day […]

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Fear-Based Learning is Not the Future

“The education system is based on a framework from the 17th and 18th century that says we should play for the first five years of life, then learn, then work, then rest and then die. I believe we should be able to do all those things all the time,” The scientist behind Google Glass wearable technology has […]

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