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Where to Sit

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Baskerville is the Font Taken Most Seriously

Comic Sans? Helvetica? Georgia? Baskerville? Which font should you use when you want to be taken seriously? Baskerville is different from the rest. I’d call it a 1.5% advantage, in that that’s how much higher agreement is with it relative to the average of the other fonts. That advantage may seem small, but if that […]

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Google “Think” Quarterly Publication

  Think Quarterly is where Google invites key thinkers and authors to share examples of Brand activity in the digital space around key themes of Play, Creativity, Speed, People, Innovation, and I’m sure more to come. Worth a read.

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World of Experience

Happy Valentine’s Day. Click the map to explore the Atlas of Experience Click here to view “Pleasure” in detail.

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Logorama Wins Oscar

Logorama from Marc Altshuler – Human Music on Vimeo. Logorama, French Agency H5‘s film that we reported on previously, won an oscar this year. Congratulations! Logorama is 17 minutes of Hollywood blockbuster action, rife with car chases, natural disasters, and hostage-taking, but created entirely out of real world logotypes and brand characters.  In it, you’ll […]

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Feltron Report

Nicholas Felton has released his newest Feltron Annual Report for 2009 which outlines all of the activities he participated in last year. Normally it’s a very personal log of the year’s activities that documents things like distance travelled and by what means, animals eaten, books read, plants killed etc (see reports for 2008, 2007, 2006)… […]

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Huxley, Not Orwell, Was Right About “The Future” (i.e: Today)

Related to the notes I’m keeping on The Future Of Media, here’s a great cartoon strip by Stuart McMillan based on words by Neil Postman – as featured in the book “Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Showbusiness”. I reckon Postman’s book would go nicely on your reading list with “Everything Bad […]

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Henry McCausland

Henry sent me a link to his new site today, and it’s full of lovely work. Go check it out. He also designed the t-shirt design above for LFGSS t-shirt design competition. Nice work, didn’t realise it was yours until i saw the site, i’ve voted it for it over on the forum. Check Henry’s […]

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Schweppes – SchYouKnowWho, Experience Matters

Schweppes and MotherLondon are bringing back the dying art of political satire. Their blog captures the mood of the nation as viewed by Schweppes by collaborating creative, PR, and media agencies to create William Hogarth inspired ads every two weeks. Read an interview with the creatives from MotherLondon at It’s Nice That to learn more. See […]

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James Jarvis for Nike – “Onwards”

This is a charming video  James Jarvis has made for Nike Running, called Onwards. The rumour is that James Jarvis will be running the London Marathon this weekend in a specially designed yellow suit built for him by Nike. That sort of knowledge is exactly the right sort of in-depth engagement that fans can talk […]

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