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Roadsworth: Crossing the Line

Roadsworth’s story is a compelling one: his street art is genuinely “on the street” and provokes thought about our urban landscape and interaction with it, as well as making us reconsider the extent we rely on signs, signifiers and cars to run our lives. He’s also facing severe punishment (money and jail time) for his […]

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Vintage Spray Cans

It’s clearly vintage day today at THESCRAPBOOK. 12ozPROPHET have a great post on vintage spray cans from about 1974-1988 and mainly Switzerland specific. Click here to see more

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Reverse Graffiti Project

[youtube:] Paul “Moose” Curtis has created a mural in San Francisco by spray cleaning the walls rather than spray cleaning them. Nice idea from PSFK… Hang on a second: this is a direct steal from Ariel’s “Graffiti” work made by Saatchi and Saatchi. Or even of the original reverse graffiti artist Alexandre Orion? Mind you, […]

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Graffiti and Fashion

So, I’m loving 12oz prophet today, as you can tell. Just read a(nother) great article about the influence that street art and raw talent has had on high fashion. Drip graffiti, as pioneered (as far as I’m aware) by the likes of KR / Krink (check the link for KR on CNN), is what Allen […]

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JR Hits Up Soho

Thanks to Ciaran we’ve got a photo of the great JR street art that’s been put up on Lexington Street, round the corner from our office. The rumour is that JR wanted to put his work up onto the tall chimney as part of the Tate Modern’s street art project, but he wasn’t allowed to. […]

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MUTO – New Work From Blu


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Malcolm Gladwell on Innovations and Insights

What do Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray, or Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, or Newton and Leibniz, or Joseph Priestley and Carl Wilhelm Scheele, or indeed Galileo in Italy, Scheiner in Germany, Fabricius in Holland and Harriott in England all prove? “Scientific genius is not a person who does what no one else […]

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Cans Festival

Banksy, Paul Insect, Faile, Sam3, Roadsworth, Dolk, Blek le Rat and many more were in full effect at Waterloo this past week, culminating in a rather impressive display of stencil and can based graffiti, at the Cans Festival. The exhibit was only up over the bank holiday weekend, but will live on, forever, online – […]

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Beautiful Losers

The trailer has been around for a while now, but it seems as though finally it’s getting a release. Slam X Hype has more. [youtube:] Beautiful Losers documented – as an exhibition and a book, and now film – some of the best “street” artists from the US and their work. A veritable movement in […]

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