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Faile Temple in Lisbon

Amazing “Temple” installation from Faile in Lisbon, Portugal. Integrating their work into the surroundings like never before, the Faile crew have excelled themselves. They’ve brought to life in mosaic, sculpture, and bas-relief their iconic posters and images to create the Faile Temple. Materials include ceramic, marble, bronze, cast iron, steel, limestone, and mosaic. And it’s […]

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SMS Slingshot

[youtube:] Siiiick! Sling shot your SMS messages on to a wall. Anyone know how it works? How long they stay up there for? Get in touch with me! Made by Guerilla Innovation

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ESPO / Steve Powers at PSFK

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Biggie Sofa

Notorious B.I.G verse from Juicy on a “money green leather sofa” as spotted by Todd Selby, in Neistat Brothers‘ house. Word(s).

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Sweat Shoppe – “Painting” Video Wall Projections

Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw, the two masked artists from New York City in the video below, are the minds behind a new multimedia performance collaboration called Sweat Shoppe. Their aim? The intersection of art, music and technology to create something that has an element of pop accessibility. Sweat Shoppe recently showed our friends at […]

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Berlin Wall – 20 years on

20 years since the wall came down – nice photoessay from the Boston Globe – their photoblog “The Big Picture” is well worth subscribing to (we mentioned it before, twice)

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City of God’s Son

[youtube:] City of God’s Son is an incredible synesthesic montage and re-working of a story that never really happened, but did for anyone who’s ever listened to 90s beats, watched gangster flicks and explored a city at night. Featuring “Nas“, “Jay” and “Ghost” as themselves, but not really, and narrated by Joe Bataan, director Kenzo […]

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Sharpie Interactive Advertising

Interactive billboards that let you tag or graffiti using a sharpie marker.  Choose colours, write a message and leave a (semi?) permanent mark on the side of the bus stop. Sure it advertises the versatility of a sharpie pen, but I’m surprised the council’s havent got up in arms about encouraging tagging in public places… […]

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Eine Graffiti Typography Letter-Set

  Lost this, then found it. So I’m now posting it! Eine’s a graffiti artist who paints beautifully rendered type across the city (mainly East London to be fair). Check is site out for a full portfolio of all the madness he paints. It’s this tool that I love most though, created through Dave Gorman’s Flickr […]

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Interactive Architecture

I’ve had these great examples of interactive art and building projections in my head for a while now, but thought I should share them with TheScrapBook! The Graffiti Research Lab is an awesome project, not in the least for their two great inventions – Throwies and Laser Tag. [youtube:] [youtube:] Christopher Baker is perhaps less […]

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