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Muji Christmas

Muji always bring the design heat at Christmas. My favourites this year include the Solar System, the London/Paris/New York playing cards that form a map, and of course their city blocks (Edo is a lovely recent edition to the “street”). An honourable mention must also go to the penguin skittles. If anyone wants to buy […]

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The Creative Internet

Useful reference of “interesting” and “creative” things currently being memed around the internet.  The usual augmented reality, word-clouds, projections and interactive videos are paired with new examples, grouped into areas of Audio, Movies, Visual, Art, Physical, Light, Tech, Politics, Sport, Books, History, and of course straight up, old fashioned, Advertising.

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Nike Grid

[youtube:] Nike Grid London is your gameboard. You have 24 hours to claim your streets. 40 postcodes across London. North. South. East. West. Grid phone boxes in each postcode. Run between them. Score points. Run more. Score more. Badges awarded for speed, endurance and stamina. Play for your postcode. Get the glory. Claim the crown. […]

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The Fun Theory

[youtube:] The easiest way to change behaviour is to make it more fun to do. You might have seen the piano staircase video before, but now it seems that The Fun Theory (the guys behind the “guerrilla” piece of interactive media) was in fact part of a bigger Volkswagen initiative. Some very good, original and […]

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Huxley, Not Orwell, Was Right About “The Future” (i.e: Today)

Related to the notes I’m keeping on The Future Of Media, here’s a great cartoon strip by Stuart McMillan based on words by Neil Postman – as featured in the book “Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Showbusiness”. I reckon Postman’s book would go nicely on your reading list with “Everything Bad […]

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Barcelona v Man Utd (or, Unicef v AIG)

Interesting post from a friend, Stephen Gill – Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science, Communications and Culture at York University, Toronto, Canada – who has expored the socio and economic backgrounds of the two football giants that met Wednesday night. UNICEF 2 AIG 0 (Homage to Catalonia) I was one of the hundreds of millions […]

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Interactive Theatre and Experience Economy

  There’s lots of great interactive theatre going on at the moment. An interesting Brecthian shift for audiences, breaking the 4th Wall, but perhaps important as it taps in to the desire for greater engagement and experiences – which is increasing as the economy falls. Being part of a murder mystery, solving the riddle yourself only […]

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Games and Men vs Women

Image courtesy of A*A*R*O*N Following on from our previous post, Future Lab has a blog called Business and Games and they’ve just published a myth-busting list about Men and Women and video games. Read the full report and links to papers etc here, but below are some highlights. Among older adults 65+ who play video games, […]

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iSkate – iPhone Skate Games

[youtube:] Vans’ as yet unnamed skate game for iphone vs. [youtube:] TouchGrind a potentially more intuitive skate game for iPhone, but without big corporate backing Which one will win the popularity contest? Vans‘ Tony Hawks rip-off homage with Buck Lasek and Omar Hassan, or finger flipping with TouchGrind by IllusionLabs? TouchGrind is already out on the App […]

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Street Fighter x YouTube

[youtube:] A very clever interactive video animation that also seems to be promoting the Street Fighter action figure toys from Sota Toys. When you click on a relevant square (opponent, action button etc) you’re taken to a new video showing the animation, and therefore progressing the bout. A little bit clunky, but very clever interactive […]

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