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Topshop 2014-15

Or what I have done on this past year… Won some awards: Topshop x Instagram, London Fashion Week SS15. Topshop’s positioning is “democratisation of fashion”; all very well ten years ago, but digital and has truly overtaken – or allowed – that positioning to come to life. We partnered with Instagram and every hash-tagged image […]

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Best Actress Ever

Matthew Frost has directed a series of knowing, funny, observational and in some places insightful films, for Vogue and others. About celebrity, beauty, fashion, fragility, absurdity, irony and the arts. Here are some of them: FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo. BEST ACTRESS OF ALL TIME from Matthew Frost on Vimeo. SLOW MOTION from […]

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Physical Retail Matters More Than E-Commerce, in a Digital World

Business of Fashion published an Op Ed by Ari Bloom of A2B Ventures on the importance of physical retail vs e-commerce, despite us being in a digital age. …While Emarketer predicts that e-commerce in the apparel and accessories market will grow at an astounding 17.2 percent annually between now and 2017, one would be hard-pressed to find […]

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Menswear and The Jazz Age – ‘Elegance in Crisis’

The years of the Great Depression, which started just months before the 1930s began and lasted until the beginning of WWII a decade later, saw the most staggering disruption to the fabric of life. Soon after the New York stock market collapsed on 18 September 1929, the world of the Bright Young Things and the […]

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Fashion Films – What’s the Point?

  The problem with fashion films is fundamentally that they rarely say anything. They don’t apply the principals of social media. They are beautiful, well shot, have great names associated, but rarely have the edge needed to encourage sharing. The above film by Swell in NYC, for CR Fashion Book certainly is a more interesting look-book […]

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Big Data Spots the Trends the Fashion World Doesn’t

Big data analysis in real time means that fashion buyers can get cutting-edge information immediately, and we can learn about technology and trend shifts. From  The Guardian: Data is the key to tracking any sort of trend. London-based Editd takes a big data approach to fashion trends. It collects and analyses retail sales numbers, catwalk photographs, and fashion buzz from […]

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The Coolest Item of Clothing Ever On Screen

  Cary Grant’s sunglasses in North By Northwest have long been a coveted piece of cinematic cool, and one that I’ve been searching to replicate for about 10 years. To be honest, I had trouble in actually identifying what they were. For many years I thought they may have been Persol’s, but I could never […]

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Why are fashion films so crap?

In an age when Nowness is creating (or commissioning) genuinely interesting documentaries and art movies, why is it that fashion brands lose credibility with their mini films? Luxury brands sell dreams. So the platform of video content should be perfectly placed to heighten the fantasy / desire – and with shoppable video it should drive […]

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Dior. Do it.

Lawrence is the hot new Dior model. And, it was a magnificent fall. Dior.    

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Chanel’s Mother’s Day Flower Stall in Covent Garden

  It’s Mother’s Day in two weeks time, March 10th. Chanel have decided to celebrate the women who gave us life by dedicating a flower stall just to them. Let’s be honest, what mother doesn’t like a bit of Chanel on her special day and wouldn’t be thrilled by a little black box?  The flowers […]

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