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Shoot London – Tate Modern

Take a trip around London & bring a story to life with your photos, exploring the local streets, finding your own inspiration, oh, and you can win prizes. Shoot London is the next installment of the Shoot Experience and it’ll be showcased at the Tate Modern. Illustrating a story written by Joe Dunthorne with photographs, teams of […]

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Interactive Theatre and Experience Economy

  There’s lots of great interactive theatre going on at the moment. An interesting Brecthian shift for audiences, breaking the 4th Wall, but perhaps important as it taps in to the desire for greater engagement and experiences – which is increasing as the economy falls. Being part of a murder mystery, solving the riddle yourself only […]

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New TED Talks

Recently the 2009 installation of the TED conferences was held in California.  A bunch of new talks are up on their website  – well worth checking, as well as some of the older ones, like this one by David Carson.

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Art, Design, Architecture and Technology – New Blogs!

  Just been introduced by Culture Pundits to a bunch of new blogs. It’s always such a pleasure to discover a whole new collection of sites you never even thought existed. I’m yet to pass actual judgement, but any of the really good ones will go on to the blogroll. In the meantime, please pass […]

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City of God’s Son

[youtube:] City of God’s Son is an incredible synesthesic montage and re-working of a story that never really happened, but did for anyone who’s ever listened to 90s beats, watched gangster flicks and explored a city at night. Featuring “Nas“, “Jay” and “Ghost” as themselves, but not really, and narrated by Joe Bataan, director Kenzo […]

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Kubik Modular Building

  Barcelona and Berlin installations of the Kubik modular building that appears to interact with sounds (though maybe just a sequencing program) made by ModularBeat. View the films here and here, but this animation film perhaps demos ModularBeat’s Kubik the best

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Interactive Touch Screen Display

[youtube:] Not sure how I’d use this interactive touch screen display but it looks hot!

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London College of Fashion D&aD Winning Interactive Table

Choose your card, which contains hard, top-line information about a design/designer… Place the card on the interactive light box table… Marvel as the information hidden within the card becomes live and playable with on the table! Watch the video here

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Animatus – Hyungkoo Lee

Animatus is an exhibition of reconstructions of 3D skeletons of classic cartoon characters, including Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry and Donald Duck. Anatomical drawings? A bit odd, but I like it. above: Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (source: South Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee is exhibiting his Animatus show in the Natural History Museum […]

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Tim Etchells

Having praised Mark Earl’s book, Herd, I thought it only right to check out his blog. Lucky I did too. The image above is of my oyster card wallet… well, not mine but one like it. I always wondered who the artist was, as it was given away for free at random by TFL and […]

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