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The Creative Internet

Useful reference of “interesting” and “creative” things currently being memed around the internet.  The usual augmented reality, word-clouds, projections and interactive videos are paired with new examples, grouped into areas of Audio, Movies, Visual, Art, Physical, Light, Tech, Politics, Sport, Books, History, and of course straight up, old fashioned, Advertising.

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Beck – Gamma Ray

[youtube:] Beck’s brilliant. Innovative, creative, and rarely predictable. Great video, great song. And Chloe Sevigny.

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I’m not late on this, I just thought that someone should post it up. The Uniclock is lovely, charming, and vaguely useful. The music is great too!

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The BPA – David Byrne, Dizzee Rascal and Fatboy Slim

[youtube:] Perhaps it’s surprising to see this on TheScrapBook, but I really like the motif for the video with the censor bars, and the song’s pretty good too. “Toe Jam” sounds like vintage (when he became popular, not true “vintage, ‘Everybody Loves a 303′”) Fatboy Slim, David Byrne sounds like he’s back with Talking Heads […]

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Ryan McGinley and Sigur Ros

Ryan McGinley brings his youthful exuberance to make a Sigur Ros video for their latest single, Gobbledigook. You can download the single and watch the video here.

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Funky Research

For all of you funk headz out there – here is a blog I stumbeled across a few days ago, purely for research purposes, of course…

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Turbo’s Broom Dance


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