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Embacher Collection

New to the T&H catalogue is Cyclepedia – A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs. A wonderful book of Michael Embacher’s incredible bicycle collection. his online archive is really great too. buy the book here.

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Rapha & Paul Smith

[Youtube:] …beautifully shot short to accompany Rapha’s recent collaboration with Paul Smith.

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Montante for Maserati

This is the latest collaboration from Italian cycle company Montante. Producing mainly town bikes that opitimise the Italian ethos of style, colour and generally making thigs look good, Montante have teamed up with fellow purveyors of cool, Maserati, to produce a single speed worthy of them both. The frame is reminisent of the classic british […]

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Le Tour – Brent Humphreys photography

Texan editorial photographer Brent Humphreys’ pictures of the Tour are stunning – hefty use of strobes and vibrant colours give his images of the Tour a plasticity and an odd seventies look – matin parr of cycling reportage… i find it hard to select just a couple of images to represent his project here – […]

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Henry McCausland

Henry sent me a link to his new site today, and it’s full of lovely work. Go check it out. He also designed the t-shirt design above for LFGSS t-shirt design competition. Nice work, didn’t realise it was yours until i saw the site, i’ve voted it for it over on the forum. Check Henry’s […]

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Rapha x Timothy Everest

Cycling’s big at the moment, and rightly so. You can check our bike section on TheScrapBook to see how passionate we are about it, aesthetically as much as practically. It is one of the best forms of transport and exercise in a recession, and furthermore, the raw, pure, unfiltered fixed gear cycling is perfect for […]

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Martin Clothing

The talented Mike Martin from SF has just launched a clothing line called Martin Clothing. Will post more when i get more details. Looks really interesting, Mike, we look forward to seeing more!

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Do The Test, Again! is a cycling safety site for TFL that I used to work on. My old company just won an award for their previous observation test film, and have released this second one below which is more of a “whodunnit?”. Watch it, and watch out for cyclists. [youtube:]

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Tour de France – Stephen Roche & Sean Yates

Tomorrow (5th July) the hardest bike race in the world will start once again. The BBC gives us the former tour winner Stephen Roche, Britain’s Sean Yates and British cycling supremo Dave Brailsford, and their views ahead of this years tour. In another interview, Mark Cavendish looks ahead positively: “it is more than feasible [one, […]

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