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China News And Culture Feeds Worth Reading

Working in China? Thinking about it? Below are my top 5 China blogs worth reading on at least a weekly basis – they’ll tell you what’s really going on here, and not just the really really weird stuff, though there is plenty of that.

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The Subtle Art of Cinema Gifs

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.” Psycho (1960) If We Dont, Remember Me is a beautiful, poignant and not un-creepy collection of film clip GIFs and quotes. I’ve put the freakiest ones after the jump,  but there’s a sexy one in there for you too.

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The Creative Internet

Useful reference of “interesting” and “creative” things currently being memed around the internet.  The usual augmented reality, word-clouds, projections and interactive videos are paired with new examples, grouped into areas of Audio, Movies, Visual, Art, Physical, Light, Tech, Politics, Sport, Books, History, and of course straight up, old fashioned, Advertising.

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Testing International Relations Theory

Following a number of enlightening blog posts on what international relations (IR) theory has to say on the matter of zombies and zombie attacks (e.g. 1, 2, 3) Daniel Drezner (Professor of International Politics, Tufts University) has now got a feature in Foreign Policy titled “Night of the living Wonks” which is worth reading for […]

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New Links

Fantastic Man – One update a day, bar Sunday. And why not. Their links are original, considered and engaging. More than you can say for many regurgitating blogs out there (ours included – for the most part!) Fuct – The legendary clothing brand’s blog. Free love, psychedelic drugs, and some bad ass rock and roll. […]

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Valet is a menswear and style site that has been very well designed. All online magazines should take a look and consider what it is that makes Valet so attractive. Is it the font changes, the layout, the articles, the broad variety of links (online and off) or just the charming “biased/insider knowledge” quotes next […]

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100 Gourmet Recipes

The Geometry of Pasta from Amy Lines on Vimeo. Great list from some of the UKs great chefs. I’ve always wondered what food these guys would be cooking at home, for their family. I can’t imagine that Heston whips up a quick bacon and eggs ice cream on a Saturday night to watch in front […]

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How to influence (online) behaviour

  Culled and adapted from the original article at DoshDosh, the LoneGunMan has put together a list of how to influecne people online. I’d suggest it’s relevant to real world influence too, but certainly to influential marketing. Show ratings and reviews by other users (for action through social validation). Provide instant gratification and a quick fix. […]

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Since78 is a blog now purely devoted to music mixes of the author’s own design, but each themed around a supposed narrative. They’re called “heists” and, sure, most of them are given that noir, 60s film score  quality, but the art direction and the range of music buried within (from Piero Umliani to Beastie Boys), […]

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Berlin Wall – 20 years on

20 years since the wall came down – nice photoessay from the Boston Globe – their photoblog “The Big Picture” is well worth subscribing to (we mentioned it before, twice)

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