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Shanghai’s 50 Best Shops

  The 50 best shops in Shanghai? According to TimeOut, that is. I don’t massively disagree with any of these shops, and there are enough places that I’ve not had the pleasure of spending my hard earned Rimbim’s/Rambo’s/Rimbibibibim’s/RMB in that I could spend an afternoon remembering the pleasures of  a consumerist society. It’s strange the […]

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Bike Desk

‘Pit In’ is street furniture for cyclists that allows them to eat, drink coffee or have impromptu laptop sessions, without having to locate a place to lock up your bike. STORE MUU design studio developed this bistro-like table, which whilst it’s pretty simple already, I feel could have been even simpler-designed. To be seen at […]

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Embacher Collection

New to the T&H catalogue is Cyclepedia – A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs. A wonderful book of Michael Embacher’s incredible bicycle collection. his online archive is really great too. buy the book here.

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A Sunday in Hell

Someone’s posted Jorgen Leth’s A Sunday in Hell on youtube. Not sure it’ll be up there for long… take a look, classic stuff!!

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Red Bull Mini-Drome

Red Bull Minidrome from Eyeball Moving Image on Vimeo. Red Bull put a mini Velodrome inside a nightclub. For a laugh.

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Rapha & Paul Smith

[Youtube:] …beautifully shot short to accompany Rapha’s recent collaboration with Paul Smith.

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Montante for Maserati

This is the latest collaboration from Italian cycle company Montante. Producing mainly town bikes that opitimise the Italian ethos of style, colour and generally making thigs look good, Montante have teamed up with fellow purveyors of cool, Maserati, to produce a single speed worthy of them both. The frame is reminisent of the classic british […]

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Rapha Rendezvous Cycling App

Rapha have released an app for the iPhone that helps organize and plan your cycling session. View and plan your route and meet-up locale, select intensity and terrain grades to help prepare for the adventure ahead. Nicely, the app also incorporates social sharing capability which allows users to see whose riding, and share messages leading […]

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1920s style hybrid bikes

A bicycle that doesn’t have a drab, traditional hybrid frame? Derringer Cycles – a line of hybrid bikes modeled after 1920’s racing motorcycles. These stunning bikes have been designed as a throwback to the classics, featuring Brooks leather saddles and polished copper rivets. Each Derringer cycle can easily be operated as regular bike, but if […]

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Davida Helmets

Buying a motorbike? Get a helmet. Get a hand made one by Davida. (Caveat – in their retention of all the original design features of the 1950’s low dome racing helmet, they do not conform to modern safety standards…)

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