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Weird Book Room – Abebooks

The purveyors of weird and wonderful books, Abebooks, have put on the Weird Book Room. Well worth a browse, a christmas gift for everyone to be found here, with intriguing titles like these: 101 More Uses for a Dead Cat 50 Ways to Use Feminine Hygiene Products in a Manly Manner Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English […]

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Rapha & Paul Smith

[Youtube:] …beautifully shot short to accompany Rapha’s recent collaboration with Paul Smith.

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Montante for Maserati

This is the latest collaboration from Italian cycle company Montante. Producing mainly town bikes that opitimise the Italian ethos of style, colour and generally making thigs look good, Montante have teamed up with fellow purveyors of cool, Maserati, to produce a single speed worthy of them both. The frame is reminisent of the classic british […]

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Testing International Relations Theory

Following a number of enlightening blog posts on what international relations (IR) theory has to say on the matter of zombies and zombie attacks (e.g. 1, 2, 3) Daniel Drezner (Professor of International Politics, Tufts University) has now got a feature in Foreign Policy titled “Night of the living Wonks” which is worth reading for […]

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David Kassan – iPad art

time lapse of new york artist David Kassan painting a portrait with ‘brushes’ on the iPad. check the video – time lapse of just the on-screen action starts at 6’22 min – well worth a look! [youtube:] David Kassan website

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Robert Glasper – Double Booked

Robert Glasper is a class act.  And a dude.  This is his latest album on Blue Note with badman Chris Dave on drums, click the image for more info. Also if you get the chance to check them live make sure you do.  Their recent performance at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards in Islington was one […]

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Illum Sphere mix for BTS Radio

Mixtape of the year so far for me, from Manchester’s Illum Sphere.  Recent Red Bull Music Academy Graduate, the man behind one of the best club nights in the UK Hoya:Hoya and top rate selector.  He has an EP dropping very soon on Martyn’s 3024 which follows on from a remix he did of Brilliant […]

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Theo Parrish & Billy Love – Melloghettomental

Billy Love ‘Melloghettomental’ (Sound Signature) by cmjct Definitely one of the best records i’ve EVER bought. Yes, that good.  Theo Parrish just gets better and better and better. If you live in London you can see him spin at Plastic People on the first Saturday of the month.  They are special sessions; no-one really does […]

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The Hundred In The Hands – Dressed In Dresden (Kyle Hall Remix)

Kyle Hall is a seriously talented chap, keep your eyes peeled this year.  Recently signed to Hyperdub with an EP set to drop very soon.  He’s just turned 19, which came as a huge surprise to me considering the complexity and style of the music he produces. Below is info on his remix for The […]

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Putin on HipHop, Graffiti….

just made me laugh… [youtube:]

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