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Your next plane journey

I prefer to sit in the aisle (I’m 6’3″) or watch movies through a flight, but we all like to gaze out the window of an aeroplane and wonder at the outside sky, lights, possiblities, achievements and failures… the video above is a lovely time-pase photography piece by James Leng of a trip coming in […]

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From My Cold Dead Hands

Image thanks to Chuck at No Pattern From My Cold Dead Hands is my first mix album posted online. Inspired by Dark Side of the Mood, I’ve put together a collection that includes Zombie Zombie, Giorgio Moroder, The Emperor Machine, Wooden Shjips, Map of Africa, and John Carpenter to create a surreal 80’s synth horror soundtrack […]

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Art, Design, Architecture and Technology – New Blogs!

  Just been introduced by Culture Pundits to a bunch of new blogs. It’s always such a pleasure to discover a whole new collection of sites you never even thought existed. I’m yet to pass actual judgement, but any of the really good ones will go on to the blogroll. In the meantime, please pass […]

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Street Fighter x YouTube

[youtube:] A very clever interactive video animation that also seems to be promoting the Street Fighter action figure toys from Sota Toys. When you click on a relevant square (opponent, action button etc) you’re taken to a new video showing the animation, and therefore progressing the bout. A little bit clunky, but very clever interactive […]

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City of God’s Son

[youtube:] City of God’s Son is an incredible synesthesic montage and re-working of a story that never really happened, but did for anyone who’s ever listened to 90s beats, watched gangster flicks and explored a city at night. Featuring “Nas“, “Jay” and “Ghost” as themselves, but not really, and narrated by Joe Bataan, director Kenzo […]

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Space Invading – Architecture Blog

Space Invading has been set up by Archinect, the cool resource for all things architecture. A very cool collection of beautiful living spaces – mostly real, but some imagined – for your perusal. I think it’s fed in by RSS feeds, but in the future I’d not be surprised if they went for a NotCot […]

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Playboy on Masters of Design

Lushpad has a copy of Playboy’s 1961 article about George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom. Not only is there a good introduction to the “American Modernist” furniture, but an exploration of each of the above designers at a tipping point in their careers (though clearly not for all […]

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North Face 40th Anniversary Gear

  It’s the North Face 40th anniversary, so they’ve released a bunch of stuff. Quite good stuff by the looks of it. They should of done a 15 year anniversray reissue though and got some of that early 90s flavour out again. Brooklyn style baby.

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eddy merckx – the hour. mexico 1972

[youtube:] eddy ‘the cannibal’ merckx attacking and claiming the hour record at altitude in mexico, 1972. interesting editing!

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Air – Kelly Watch The Stars

[youtube:] I didnt realise that Mike Mills directed this video way back when. Shame about the terrible “score” keeping that goes on. Should have dealt with that in post production. Via It’s Nice That – thanks for the memories!

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